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To further satisfy you, we have among our suppliers recognized leaders in tooling. To check the products of each of our suppliers, click the link for which you want to place your order.

If you do not know exactly what you are looking for, you can contact us at: (819) 822-3373 and an expert will advise you.

Royce-Ayr is a leading brand in the manufacture of high quality cutting tools. The brand is present in all kinds of tools for wood, rubber and plastic.

Karnasch is a German manufacturer of high quality industrial cutting products. This manufacturer is also a major leader in industrial cutting.

It is a brand to reckon with, regarding annular cutters HSS-XE Gold-Tech, HSS-XE with Blue-Tech coating, HSS-X3-P with Blue-Tech coating and carbide (TCT) hole saw with carbide teeth and 8% cobalt bimetal, carbide rotary cutters, circular saw blades for metal and wood, step drills and much more!

Being at the same level of quality to the competition is not enough! Karnasch continues to move forward in advanced technology products.

Catalog :

Southeast Tool is the premier provider in North America specializing in the manufacture of tools and cutters for CNC machines, wood works and the plastic cutting industries.

With over 15 years experience in the trade of tools, the company proposes its catalog with a reference of 6000 products and provides you with 3 storage facilities.

HTC offers a range of products designed and manufactured in Michigan, USA. Be it carbide, high-speed, cobalt or other - HTC will have what you need. It has a wide range of products of any size, and coating for any job you may have.

Experienced people on the look out of the minutest detail

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